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Beyond border to create new values

From Japan to the World, and from the World to Japan

Our company is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations seeking to transcend national borders.

We specialize in expanding businesses into new markets, particularly the Spanish (European) and Japanese (Asian) markets.

However, we collaborate with partners in other regions to provide the necessary support to achieve your goals too.

We hope that new people, companies, and services will connect across borders and create new value.

We are Business Consulting to Japan

Market-adapted business strategies

One way to expand your business is by establishing operations in foreign markets. However, it can be quite challenging when dealing with language barriers, cultural differences, and varying business practices without preparation and local connections. Not to worry, though – we have a strong local network in Asian and European markets to support you.

Project Management

We coordinate projects to ensure your desired initiatives, such as finding agents, customer matching, establishing branches, and product development, successfully materialize in Japan.

Brand Culturalization

In diverse linguistic and cultural contexts worldwide, we ensure that the core value and identity of your brand remain intact through meticulous localization of your products, services, and messaging.

Marketing and Promotion

We specialize in marketing and promotions specifically tailored to establish an environment conducive to the success and growth of your project in emerging markets.

Collaborative Framework

We work closely in collaboration with partner companies, experts, and professionals to ensure the success of projects and foster the sustainable growth of client companies.

Market research and analysis

Market research involves analyzing market data for strategic decisions, including insights into consumer preferences, trends, & competitor strategies.

Promotion SNS management

We’ll take charge of promotions for your business in Japanese, ensuring effective targeting and engagement tailored specifically to the Japanese market.

Building sales & distribution

We facilitate the establishment of sales networks and distribution channels in Japan by nurturing partnerships and providing assistance throughout the process.

Sales representation

Sales representation entails promoting and selling products or services within a market, fostering relationships, negotiating deals, and driving sales.

Expand possibilities

We will take your business or project to Japan. Tokyo is one of the world’s leading business hubs where innovative ideas and technologies are actively exchanged. Understanding the local culture and business environment is key to success.


Chikage Kichibayashi

An International Business Expansion Specialist in Marketing and Communication, I offer a unique combination of technical skills, strategic focus, and cultural adaptability to effectively position brands in global markets.


Rafael Rodríguez

An international lawyer specializing in business expansion, I offer a distinctive combination of experience, strategic insight, and ethical dedication to steer companies on their path to success in global markets.